how we work

From experience, we understand well how players and victims of Curaçao licensed gaming operators and corporate service providers can get fooled or scammed, changing the course of their lives. SBGOK conducts research, advises and holds unique experience in filing complaints and collecting claims.

The Foundation helps players with legitimate complaints and claims from Curacao licensed online casino’s and sportsbetting’s to find justice through intermediary negotiations, filing complaints and charges and/or commence negotiations or see your case through court. Hereto, the Foundation works closely together with trusted E-gaming specialists and is legally represented by a specialized Curaçao lawfirm.

The Foundation for the Representation of Victims of Online Gaming (‘SBGOK’) currently assists more than 100 clients, who became victims of fraud, scams, abuse of gambling addiction or have a claim against a Curacao licensed casino or sportsbook.

The Foundation assists clients with complaints and criminal charges at the Public Prosecution’s office, Gaming Control Board or Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Martin on behalf of clients, if deemed neccesary.

Also, the Foundation aids victims to reclaim what is owned to them through negotiations and/or going to court. SBGOK only settles claims in mutual consent with parties involved. In case we have to go to court, the Foundation may cover all legal costs involved, e.g. court fees, bailiff fees, expert and attorney fees etc.

Given vicious attacks from this network, some parties prefer anonymity so we do not market our successes, but the Foundation and it’s experts so far successfully negotiated a substantial amount of agreements outside court for our clients. Furthermore, we represent numerous on-going negotiations and pending courtcases.

Because of the large amount of claimants, limited capacity and our learning curve, we only work with clients, whose complaints and claims are proven and found legitimate by the Foundation. For this purpose, we cooperate with a trusted gaming-expert in the field who carefully reviews and assess each case that reaches the Foundation.

In general, when a player prefers the Dutch court to judge their case, the Foundation works on a contingency fee basis (‘no cure no pay’). The way we often work is the potential client providing us a summary and evidence, followed by a phone/whatsapp/skype conversation. If our experts and attorney deem your case legit and solid enough, a good way claims are handled is by having it transferred to the Foundation. This way, SBGOK is able to pool cases which lowers court and bailiff fees, plus we do not run the risk that once we put time, effort and money into a case, the casino refunds the player directly and subsequently doesn’t reimburse our costs. However, as most cases somewhat differ, each case may be handled more taylor-made.

In case – after assesment – the Foundation decides not to represent you as our client, that does not mean we think your claim is not legitimate or proven. It simply means we are of the opinion the Foundation cannot to be of added value. In that case we can refer you to other lawfirms or experts.